THE ESSENCE OF NIFES EASTER DISCIPLESHIP CONFERENCE (NEDC) Theme: Godliness: A sure path to greatness – 1 Tim 6: 6

THE ESSENCE OF NIFES EASTER DISCIPLESHIP CONFERENCE (NEDC) Theme: Godliness: A sure path to greatness – 1 Tim 6: 6

NIFES is an acronym for Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical students. It is an indigenous national movement comprising of evangelical Christian groups in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. Through personal evangelism, Bible studies, prayers and biblical discipleship, NIFES continues to challenge, motivate and mobilize students for Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). Also, NIFES is an interdenominational movement committed to reaching out to students and nurturing them to growth and maturity in Christ Jesus.

In order to follow suit the NIFES Mission which says that “NIFES exist to reach out to students through evangelism and discipleship training; mobilize them upon graduation to impact the campus, church and society with godly values”, NIFES has come up with her annual Easter Discipleship Conference for the year 2018/2019 ministry year. It is scheduled to hold at various sub-zones across the 38 zones in Nigeria.

Who are expected to attend the conference?

According to Mr Oyewole Charles, the former NIFES Enugu East sub-zonal president, who stated that “NIFES Easter Discipleship Conference is a platform where men are made and no one should for any reason exempt him/herself from this Life changing conference”. He added that NIFES Easter Conferences have been known to play vital role in the life of a Christian who desires to grow spiritually. So, virtually everybody is expected to attend NIFES Easter Discipleship Conference. Be you a student, associate or NIFES partner.

Is it for a Particular Church or Denomination?

First and foremost, NIFES is not a church or denomination. It is an interdenominational and non-denominational Christian fellowship in Nigeria higher institution of learning (as indicated earlier). By this, anybody can join NIFES or participate in NIFES programmes, conferences and trainings (unless specified). So, Easter conference is not excluded in this case. Anybody from any bible believing church, denomination or fellowship can as well attend as NIFES accommodate everyone and has no doctrine different from that of the bible.

What are the benefits of NIFES Easter Discipleship Conference?

NFES is known to be committed in raising Christ-like Student in Nigeria tertiary institutions. Everything done in NIFES is geared towards raising more Christ-like students. However, to enhance more understanding, I would categorize the benefits into the following:
• Sound biblical teachings and light from the scriptures.
• It encourages brethren to live life more deliberately.
• It prepares students to attain academic excellence without examination malpractice.
• It reveals truth in issues in our contemporary world in the area of politics, relationship, gambling, and liberty in Christ etc.
• It draws one’s attention to reading of Christian literature through book review.

What are the features of 2019 NIFES Easter Discipleship Conference?

As usual, 2019 Easter conference is the best of its kind. It has been strategically arranged and planned from NIFES headquarters, Jos Plateau state by the Director of Campus Ministry and Evangelism. This year’s Easter conference encompasses the following:

  1. Welcome Charge: Godliness is Great Gain—1Tim 6:6
  2. Expositions:
    ● Exposition 1 – Gen 39
    ● Exposition 2 – Gen 40
    ● Exposition 3 – Gen 41
  3. Bible Studies: Manuscript Bible Study—Gen 42:1-24
  4. Workshop 1: Academic Excellence without Exam Malpractice
  5. Workshop 2: Sexual Purity
  6. Talk: God’s Presence: A Sure Path to Greatness – Gen 39:2, 21
    1. Book Review: “GODLINESS from Head to Toe by Jonathan Lamb
  7. Elective Seminars
    i. Reaching the Campus through Prayers
    ii. Seeking intimacy with GOD
    iii. Reaching out through Social Media
    iv. Managing your Emotions – Dealing with Anger, Forgiveness, and Malice etc.
    v. Overcoming the challenge of dysfunctional home
    vi Overcoming the Temptation of Greed and Covetousness
    vii Strategies for Effective Mentoring.
  8. Small Group Family Devotion: On the book: GODliness from Head to Toe by Jonathan Lamb.
  9. Alone with God:
  10. Corporate Prayers:
    Corporate Prayer 1 — Nigeria and the Church
    Corporate Prayer 2 –The Campus and NIFES
    Praise and Variety Night—Real Praises, Drama ministrations and Testimonies
  11. Easter Glorious Convocation: Praises worship and Choir ministration just before Book review, Prayers and Exposition 3.

What is the duration of the conference?

Indeed, this will be a weekend of encounter with the divinity. The duration of the Easter Conference is 3 days. i.e Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Is there any accommodation within the Venue?

Yes, all venues for NIFES conferences (not excluding Easter Conference) are always in a serene environment and best security is assured.

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Source: NIFES Enugu Zone

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