8 Best Study Abroad Tips

Finally you made it here to read the 8 Best Study Abroad Tips. Before applying to study in any university abroad, there are prerequisite for doing just that.

Out of our long term research, we have arranged 8 successful tips that will benefit you studying abroad. If I were you, I will read this post to the end.

First and foremost, as an international student, you need to be calculative and deliberate about every effort you make to study abroad. So, don’t be disoriented; be focused and your dream course or country will come true.

Although, there are many parts to a university application. In this post, we can help guide you through the process you need to take in applying for any university around the world.

Now, let’s delve into the subject ‘8 Best Study Abroad Tips’

What to do two years before applying for university programme

First Step: Explore universities
Enquire, survey or research about the school’s location, cost, academic programs and majors.

You will also need to know about the campus life; so that you can narrow the list of universities to which you want to apply for.

You can research thousands of universities by country here. Just continue reading, other tips await you.

Second Step: Take the SAT
Higher instititions (universities) consider many factors when making admission decisions, including your SAT score.

Many students also take SAT Subject Tests to showcase their skills in specific subjects.

Hint: When you register for the SAT exam sign up for support or mailing service. You’ll receive mail from universities around the world looking for outstanding students just like you.

Third Step: Research admission requirements
Institutions look at many factors, including recommendation letters, when making critical admission decisions. Most institutions require an English language proficiency exam, like the popular TOEFL or IELTS.

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Hint about English proficiency assessments

Almost all colleges and universities need proof of English language proficiency if your first language is not English. If your education was not in English, it will be needed also.

English language proficiency proof can be provided by taking an English language proficiency test such as the TOEFL or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests.

What to do one year before the university programme

Fourth Step: Make a financial plan
Know the tuition costs and living expenses before applying. You can learn about the cost to attend college and university.

Also  find a list of universities and colleges that offer financial aid to foreign undergraduates students.

Hint: Are you aware that 80% of the applicants raise their scores when they retake the SAT? You can Practice at Khan Academy to improve your score.

Fifth step: Assemble your applications
Please know that every part of your application is important, including essays. Take time to check that everything is filled out before submitting to appropriate place.


Application deadlines vary across universities. You can learn more about early decision programs.

Sixth Step: Apply
This implies that you should Submit your applications and all other required details.

Seventh Step: Make your decision– This is the most important part. When all things are settled, progress by making the right decision and meeting the right people.

The best and easiest way to apply to multiple universities is through a service such as Universal College Application, Coalition Application, or Common Application and other agents.

Eighth Step: Fulfill visa or passport requirements. In doing this, you need to be very careful with fake visa agents. This has caused major setback to many.

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