First of all, we wish to tell you more about Dailybest Technologies Nig.

We are a unique data dispensing company in Nigeria. Registered with the cooperate affairs commission (RC: 3191741). I know one of the questions that may be ringing in your mind right now is ….. “what makes them unique?”.

Below are our distinctive features/services:

Printing of Internet Data
  • You can print data out and sell as data card. Nowadays, people either buy recharge card, recharge it and from there buy data.
  • Dailybest has come to make internet data accessible and affordable by making it be in the form of data recharge card. By this we mean you can print data out on a paper, sell to shop owners or to any telecom vendor around you. Same price same quality! Upon registration, we will teach you how to customize the data with your own business name.
Example of a customized printed data
Customers support
  • Customers support. We believe that your vision is our mission. In the light of this truth, we are always available to help you. Feel free to contact us.
Automatic wallet funding
  • Automatic wallet funding. We have developed a system that enables everyone in our website to have his/her own unique account number. This means that any money deposited into the account automatically fund your wallet. This removes the stress of calling us to fund your wallet.

Now, let’s go into more intersecting facts…

Register here and start the business

We got you covered!
How to make up to 168k monthly selling internet data from Dailybest website:

With the idea of data pin, you can sell up to 100 pieces of printed data everyday. Yes, it is possible. You too can join thousands of our customers who testifies everyday.

Let’s look at the mathematics behind this idea.

If you could sell up to 100pcs everyday and you get 1gb at 340 from the company. When you sell to shop owners at 400, it means you make a gain of 60 per 1gb sold.

Let’s now calculate your gain for 1 month as thus:

60 x 100 = 6000 (one-day)

6000 x 7 = 42000 (one week)

42000 x 4 = 168000 (one month).

Note: in this calculation, we did not include the ones you will sell online. If we add it, you should have known it’s going to be massive… wow!

The question here is:

“why will everyone be looking for job, when they have the ability to create one?”

Register here

Here are the main reasons why you must embrace this opportunity:

  • Telecom business is trending.
  • The rate at which people use/buy Android phone is increasing everyday. This leaves countless opportunity to make money via telecommunication instead of various Ponzi schemes, which crashes within some months. You too can be your own boss without any Ponzi scheme or networking business that will always require you to invite many persons.
  • Dailybest Technologies Nig. is a registered internet data dispensing company in Nigeria. So, there is no plan to close any of our services. It has come to stay.
  • We assist you in all you do in our website. We can also give you soft loan to carry out the business at any level you so wish (T&C applies).

The next question in your mind now I guess is “How do I register?”

Well, registration is very simple and easy! Kindly register here

Note: agent registration ends soon. Act now if you are smart!

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