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First and formost, exams are normal part of student’s evaluation. But most students are scared about this. The only difference here is that it comes in a more deeper and tactical way and this is why most students fail.

The truth here is that exam supposed to be challanging. Prior to this time of exam, students are prepared for the future evaluation. So, giving exams to the student helps to make the students more observant to what was taught.

Studying for exams is always a mentally engaging task and it demands deliberate actions. These mental activities can equally be demanding just like many other physical activity. Exams can become a very tedious condition especially when someone’s result determine his/her next line of action. For instance a student.

writing Jamb exam in Nigeria knows the effect of his success or failure as this dictates his next action towards academic pursuit in tertiary institution.

Factors that could Affect one’s Success

Proper nutrition – We cannot in a hurry forget to acknowledge that a healthy body means a healthy brain. This is because, all activities of the body are cordinated by the brain. Keeping your nutrition right could help to go a long way in telling how effective your brain will be in memorizing and recalling information.

Eat balanced diet, I.e foods with all the essential macro nutrients your body requires in their right proportion and at the right time. In addition, eat some snacks or a considerate quantity of food before studying. It energises the entire body not just the brain only. Do not eat heavily.

2. Distraction-free environment – By this we mean that you need to find a serene environment. Silence and quite surroundings help you concentrate better and could enhance more understanding.

This is quite an understandable fac but neglected. Having a headset and listening to songs during study time is not ideal for many people. However, it may feel soothing, but can as well be a distraction when reading a material become bored.

3. Have necessary materials before reading starts– ensuring supplies of what you need help to reduce the possibility of being distracted. These items ranges from studying table, stop clock or watch, drinking water, pen and pencil, jorther, reading light etc.

The goal is to maintain effective study for a long periods of time. For instance leaving your chair for water, pen, book, and any other material will make your study time shortened and distractive. To the worst of it all, one may not even return to face his studies.

4. Passion/Dedication – A friend of mine, James Williams once jokely said that passion can kill. With strong concentration abilities someone will automatically see himself above those with lesser or little concentration. However, your brain is the store and the powerhouse.

Excelling in exams require strategizing and exploiting your brain as much as you can do. The fact here is that if you do what you like, you do it better

5. Having a Focused Mind – Concentration is not far fetched from focus. Focus mindsets all contribute to concentration. In otherwords concentration is the power to focus on a topic, work or object for at a particular point in time. It simply entails– the higher the level of one’s concentration, the better the results achieved over time. This rule is applicable to any task that demands huge success.

The beauty of concentration can be felt in every sphere of life. For example, playing a certain game requires maximum concentration. Now, if one plays game without concentration, he will lose a lot if not all. This is same thing and as well applicable in studying and writing exams. How To Increase your concentration before Exams

How To Increase your concentration Before Exams

To increase your concentration for studying, you can follow these steps:

Find a study time and plan that suits your personality – It is often said mathematics is best learnt in the morning. This might not work for you. Just stick to what works for you, but this might be a misleading statement if one did not understand it. By this I am not encouraging you to be lazy.

Some students find themselves very sleepy in the morning and energised late in the night. All these come down to concentration.

Have walk breaks – This is just a recommendation not a rule, but walking around for few minutes refreshes the brain. Moreover, medium paced walking or a run improves flow of blood to the brain. This enhances more concentration and focus. But do remember to keep the walks short. If not, it can become tiring and coming back to read might be boring.

Meditation – Meditation is a very good way of relaxing yourself and making any information last longer in your memory. Someone says that intelligence is the product of meditation.

Meditation can be boring and difficult during the fist time but gets adicted over time. Always Meditate a little, whenever you feel a sharp decline in your level of concentration, It will reduce your inevitable worries, and help you remain during the time of study.

Involve yourself in concentration games/exercise – This is an amazing and easy way of training your focus. Any time you are tired or feeling dizzy about studying, you can venture in concentration trainings by doing certain gazing exercises. Games like Sudoku and chess could help improve your concentration level.

How to Improve Concentration During the Exam

How to Improve Concentration During the Exam

Exam venue can be anxiety-inducing. Participants do have some contradiction or doubts and uncertainty especially on the exam day. There is always a feeling of excitement, tension, or nervousness in most of the student that day.

This simply impiles that one can still fail exams even after much preparation. Here are tips to help you concentrate and write well during exams:

Taking good rest/sleep before the exam time – right from the onset, your body requires to be well rested for exams. This is not equivalent to sleeping all nights before the exam comences. As this might be counterproductive. Just make sure that you are energised before entering the exam hall.

Have a realistic plan – When you have a realistic plan on how to go about the question paper, There is always an increase or rise in concentration.

For instance there is no hope for one who enters the exam hall with the mindset of doing malpractice. This plan is not realistic as conditions of the exam may not permit him to cheat.

Avoid unnessary help – helping others illegally in the exam hall reduces focus and this should be avoided. Any form of help must be authorised by the exam supervisor/coodinator.

Keep calm – Exams can be demanding and heavy on your nerves and general systems. Maintain certain attitude that favour the kind of exam you want to write.

For instance there is no need for one going for jamb to play football early in the morning of the exam before entering the exam hall.

  • Drink Water – Take a bottle of water with you to the exam venue as this helps calm the nerve and encourages more focus and effectiveness. Take a sip as the exams foes on.
  • Take a watch – making use of watch in exam helps you to manage your exam sections with accuracy. It helps you not to spend too much time in one question. Please don’t go in with watches that are highly computerized as this might be a source of exam malpractice.
  • Taking a break – always take a break. This helps you to recall information easier.

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