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6 Steps of Becoming a high paid Freelancer

6 Steps of Becoming a high paid Freelancer

Hi, finally you are here! if you’ve got a way with words and love to follow your passion by writing, this article is for you. Perhaps you’re considering looking for freelance writing work online. In the article, you will be exposed to 7 Steps of Becoming a high paid Freelancer. Freelancing is actually for serious individuals, knowing that you are supposed not to have any reduced rate in terms of job success. Lets go…

  1. Choose your niche
    Picking what you would like to write down about is a crucial initiative . By choosing a distinct segment you’re hooked in
    to , you’ll find you’ll write well without having to spend hours on research — and your energy will shine through in your work. you’ll choose one among these popular niches, or pick a favorite hobby or interest of your own:
    Fitness and diet
    Health and wellbeing
    Family, relationships and parenting
    Yoga and meditation
    Cooking and nutrition
    Finance and budgeting
    Leadership and careers
    Crafting, knitting or other creative hobbies
  2. found out an internet site or blog
    Having a web presence is important if you would like to become a contract writer. Writing your own blog may be a
    simple thanks to achieve this, and provides an area to write down , share, and obtain feedback on your work. you’ll get a blog for free of charge from WordPress or Wix, or post on an outlet like Medium. Alternatively you’ll want to line up your own website to serve both as an area for blogging and a web resume and portfolio to share with prospective customers.
  3. Write great sample work
    Before you’ll progress any longer you’ll got to create sample work which becomes your portfolio. Many writers publish online on their own blogs, or as guest writers for other blogs and online magazines. Share your work with family and friends at this stage, to start out to urge feedback and develop a reader base. When you start to send pitches for paid work, you’ll use your sample work as a resume to point out what you’re capable
  4. Pitch yourself everywhere
    You’ve now put together your portfolio and began to create your readership in your chosen subject. It’s time to start out pitch for more work. You’ll find that online and print magazines and other outlets may offer one off paid projects, guest opportunities, or ongoing writing jobs. a number of these might not be paid ­ or may pay only a token amount. However, for several new freelance writers, they’re a neat thanks to build your portfolio further and reach a broader audience — so well worth considering.
  5. Check writing job boards
    Specialist job boards are an ideal source of leads if you’re trying to find more status and paid writing work.**
    Communities of writers may share ideas and knowledge about sites, magazines and blogs you’ll connect with.** Take a glance at these job boards and resources as an excellent starting point:
    The Writer Finder
  6. Collect testimonials from your clients
    As you begin to create a reputation, it can really help to possess testimonials from previous clients. invite a couple of words about working with you, either by email after you’ve completed employment , or using the testimonial function on LinkedIn. Publish great client reviews on your website so new customers can see what you are doing best.

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